Rifle, Coverboy, and Tycoon$ of Teen

Looking for a good time to drown out the voices of you tormented past? Then you’re looking for this! Rifle, Coverboy, and Tycoon$ of Teen are getting their shit together to blast you in the face with the sticky sweet spray of their rock and roll angst!

Enjoy the dulcet tones of Tycoon$’ fuzz power pop, some pre-90’s punk rock covers crammed into your attitude by Coverboy, and the Supra-seventies power of Rifle crashing down on you from the stratosphere!

Friday, March 2 at 9:00 pm at The Air Devil’s Inn. (Map here.) Five bucks gets you all the music you can hear!

Air Devils Inn 03 02 2018

Rifle History

I was digging around in the Rifle Archives and ran across some photos of Rifle playing at the old Third Street Dive location. Here’s a few for your eyeball pleasures. (I’m sorry, but I don’t remember who took the photos, so if it was you, or if you know who it was, let us know so we can credit them!)